The Clay Club Kit

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The Clay Club Kit

Clay Club Pottery Tool Kit & Clay Set.

The Essentials: your own box of beginners pottery tools and clay. Perfect for creating, sculpting, and learning.

2.5kg Air Hardening Clay.

Perfect for getting started.

Paint your finished pot or sculpture when dry with acrylic paints.

1 x loop tool - for trimming and shaving larger amounts of clay
1 x potter's rib - double ended tool for cutting and shaving clay
1 x ribbon tool - double ended tool for cutting and shaving clay
1 x cutoff needle - for adding fine details and piercing
1 x wood modelling tool - for sculpting and adding detail
1 x sponge - to clean and smooth
1 x aluminium scraper - for smoothing and shaping
1 x wire clay cutter - for slicing clay

If you are at home looking for a creative outlet I highly recommend working with your hands and clay is one of the best practices to do just that, unfortunately its usually the least accessible too.

Using clay and creating something from scratch by yourself gives you a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. As well as being a soothing and calming process to delve into.

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